SBC loves being as actively involved as possible in the communities where our beer is distributed! As we have grown, we are happy to be donating to an increasing number of worthy causes throughout the year and plan on continuing support of the events we feel most worthwhile. However, we are finding the processing of these requests to be a tad overwhelming at times… so we have formulated a few simple policies.



  • Please submit all requests via email to and include all pertinent information. We cannot accept requests over the phone
  • Requests should ideally be made at least 60 days prior to the event and no less than 45 days in advance.
  • Evidence of “not for profit” status must be provided.
  • As much as we would love to support our schools and organizations helping children, we respectfully decline involvement these causes.  As producers of an alcoholic beverage we just don’t feel it is appropriate.


Also, by law we are unable to donate beer or wine. It must be always purchased.

If you would like SBC to be a part of your event and feel you can fit our criteria, we’d love to hear from you!