Megan Scheerhorn

Marketing Coordinator

Favorite beer style: IPAs. The hoppier, the better.

First beer experience: When I was about 9 years old, I accidentally took a sip of my uncle’s Busch Light because I thought it was my soda; I was disgusted.

How did you end up at SBC?: I was a bartender for a lot of years and discovered that I really enjoyed beer. I had an in with the CEO at SBC, so I asked him for an internship in marketing to get my foot in the door, and I just never left.

When you started at SBC: May 2012

Favorite part of working for a brewery: Taste Panel, and working with some of the greatest, most interesting people I have ever known.

Favorite activity: Anything outdoors – hiking, camping, boating, etc. Or playing with my dog, Bear.

Favorite location ever visited:  The middle of The Adirondack National Park in New York at Queer Lake – no cell phone reception, no other people, just nature.