Michael Biddick

Michigan Sales Director


Favorite beer style: Stouts. 

First beer experience: My first experience with real beer outside of the days of Icehouse in high school, was while working downtown Grand Rapids and hanging out with my older co-workers after our shift. We would go to a now closed bar and I was still just under 21 but somehow managed to get my hands on a Double Diamond (no longer produced). I miss that beer! 

How did you end up at SBC?: I had been running restaurants for many years and have had a huge love for craft beer. I had always wanted to get into the beer side of the business and when I heard Saugatuck Brewing was hiring I jumped at the opportunity.

When you started at SBC: December 2013 

Favorite part of working for a brewery: The best part of working for Saugatuck Brewing has been the people behind the beer. Oh and of course the beer!!! Makes work fun when you have a fantastic product and people to stand behind. 

Favorite activity: Drink beer of course! Also love to travel. 

Favorite location ever visited: I have only traveled in the states really until I was able to travel to Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic for my honeymoon. I would go back there anytime in a heartbeat! With the wife of course!!!