Ric Gillette

President & C.E.O.

Favorite beer style: “Ric Brown” – 75% Brown, 25% ESB

First beer experience: During my freshman year at Hope College, at age 17, I was told about an elective involving beer and beer education. Although this didn’t sound like a class Hope would offer, I said, “Why not.” After all, I was currently taking a class called “Rest & Relaxation.” Thinking back I should have known that they don’t hold classes in the basement of the COSMO fraternity house. None the less it all worked out, and I became a COSMO for my four years at Hope.  

How did you end up at SBC?: I was one of the first investors when the company was incorporated in 2004.

When you started at SBC: Began helping out in December of 2008 and took over management in May 2009. 

Favorite part of working for a brewery: Growing and expanding the company to become a major player in the Midwest market. 

Favorite activity: Skiing, hiking, kayaking, and hunting. 

Favorite location ever visited: St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands.