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Robert Antor

Favorite beer style: IPAs

First beer experience: As a child I can vaguely remember my dad letting me take a small sip from his beer, most likely a Strohs or Busch. I thought it tasted terrible. However, the first memorable experience was being invited to an after party by a bartender at a small bar north of Grand Rapids. I was quite enamored with her, but had next to zero drinking experience at the time. Long story short, I tried to impress her, but she ended up drinking me under the table…with Busch Light! Needless to say, I’ve improved my tolerance since.

How did you end up at SBC?: I was turned onto a job opening at SBC from the manager of a popular West Michigan beer/wine/liquor store that I had worked at for several years. He thought I had the skill-set to excel at the position, and thankfully so did SBC. I couldn’t be more grateful for the opportunity to work in this phenomenal industry, for an already amazing and expanding company.

When you started at SBC: January 2015

Favorite part of working for a brewery: The passion that I see from every single employee on an everyday basis to continually improve their craft individually and as a whole. It’s truly inspirational to be able to walk into work and literally see everyone loving their profession. Oh, and the delicious beer.

Favorite activity: Performing or creating music and acting. I’m always down to collaborate with anyone that wants to create feel good music, and I’m always looking opportunities to act. If you truly have a passion for performing, it’s something you can never give up.

Favorite location ever visited: Northwest Montana

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