Ron Conklin

Vice President of Brewery Operations

Favorite beer style: Brown Ale, Porters, Stouts, IPA, and Pale Ale.  Depends on the time of year and my mood. 

First beer experience: Underage and didn’t like beer at first. Remember seeing a customer to build a house (a friend of a friend I didn’t know at the time). He offered me a beer, and I thought, “New customer, should I?”, then thinking, “He is a friend of Billy’s, so it should be ok to drink a beer with him.” He looks in his fridge and still looking and moving bottles says, “All my beer is in my barn, you want a ‘Porter’?” “What’s that?” I said. “A dark beer,” he said. I said sure. He poured it in a glass, and as I sipped it, I was thinking, “Is he still talking to me? This is really good stuff!” I do like a good Porter!

How did you end up at SBC?: I was a building contractor, ran my own company for almost 24 years, then went from building custom homes to building custom brews. First time ever brewing, I bought a brew session for my son Jason’s birthday and one for myself. We first brewed May 5, 2007 on the BOP, at the old location. About 2 months later Jason said he was running out of beer, and I was too. He said, “Let’s home brew.” We bought some ‘Brewers Best’ partial extract kits, and a turkey cooker, a brewer’s kit (fermentation buckets, hydrometer, siphon, and the rest of the kit) from ‘Northern Brewer’ and brewed on Jason’s deck in July 2007, then in front of my garage September 2, 2007. That winter Jason bought a cooler and false bottom for a mash tun, and we started brewing all grain 5 gallon batches. I then bought another mash tun so we could brew 10 gal batches, and a 15 gallon Mega Pot for a kettle. Then I bought a 20 gal Blichman pot and the 10 gallon was the hot liquor tank. The winter of 2009-2010 (I was going to start to brew 20 gallon batches) I bought a 30 gal Blichman for the kettle, and a false bottom for the 20 gallon to be a mash tun, and a 27 gallon, Stainless Conical Blichman Fermenter, with the 42 gallon extention lid. In the meantime, I had been bringing in samples of all the different beers I was making. The head brewer here, at the sametime, told Ric he was going to be leaving. Before I had a chance to brew a 20 gallon batch on my set up, I was hired and brewing a 10 BBL batch, so instead of doubling from 10 gal, I was making 31 times as much beer.

When you started at SBC: March 2010 

Favorite part of working for a brewery: Having a team in production out back, with me that wants to and is making award winning beers. 

Favorite activity: Sample craft beers. Fishing in Alaska. 

Favorite location ever visited: Alaska.