Warehouse and Shipping Manager

Steve Suman

Favorite beer style: Stout in the winter and Pale Ale in the summer.

First beer experience: It was Thanksgiving at my grandparents, and I was young. The grown up men were smoking cigars and drinking beer. I kept bugging my dad for a puff of his cigar and he finally let me take one. I choked and coughed, and he said, “Wash it down with this,” and handed me his Pabst Blue Ribbon. Then I never touched beer until I was 21… (Yeah right!)

How did you end up at SBC?: I had a painting business for years and a couple people told my wife they needed part-time help here and she volunteered me. After about a year, they approached me with a full-time position, and I took it.

When you started at SBC: September 2010

Favorite part of working for a brewery: The beer! I also like the “brotherhood” of people in the brewery biz–the great people I work with and most people I’ve met at other breweries.

Favorite activity: Cooking out, drinking beer, playing yard games, music, and having fires at night.

Favorite location ever visited: We visited friends in Denver, and they took us up around Steamboat for a few days; I loved it out there.

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