Terry Lancaster

Favorite beer(s)? First and foremost, my favorite SBC brew is Mandarina IPA! I’m a big fan of almost everything from Greenbush. Right brain is usually right on. I’ve been enjoying Witch’s Hat stuff lately and Brewery Vivant is my spot when I’m back in Grand Rapids.

First beer experience? Well, I had a long beard by 16 and was procuring domestic swill from the local party stores way before I should have been. I turned 21 in the mid 90’s and back then Sam Adams was about as craft as it got in West Michigan. Then 1997 came and Founders opened at the old Brass Works building in GR. I will always have a soft spot for Founders as my intro to craft brew.

How did you end up at SBC? I was the production roaster for a local coffee company that is literally right across the street from the brewery. I would come over after work for beer and one craft led to another.

When did you start at SBC? March, 2015

Favorite part of working for a brewery? Great people, great food, and lots of really great beer!

Favorite activity(s)? I play most instruments with strings and a few without. Also, I love to travel!

Favorite location ever visited? I’ve always enjoyed my time in the Yucatan amongst the jungles and Mayan ruins. Climbing pyramids and diving cenotes.

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