Tom Gardner

National Sales Director

Favorite beer style: Belgian Triple

First beer experience: Walking into the first account I ever visited working for a beer distributor. It was an old Irish pub on the Northwest side of Chicago. I introduced myself as the new salesman and was promptly yelled at for 10 minutes about how terrible our company was. After that I was asked if I wanted a pint. 

How did you end up at SBC?: I have degrees in Music and History. It seemed like a natural fit.

When you started at SBC: December 2013 

Favorite part of working for a brewery: Getting directly involved with all aspects of the process from aiding in beer design to getting it out on the streets. 

Favorite activity: Playing Piano in a band with old high school friends. We are going to make it big someday.  

Favorite location ever visited: I am particularly fond of the cities of Gent and Antwerp in Belgium, where great beer and great food go hand in hand and are known to be great companions.