Head Brewer of Brew On Premise Operations

W. Dexter Gauntlett, II

Favorite beer style: I typically enjoy IPA’s; however, I also enjoy darker porters and high gravity stouts in the winter months.

First beer experience: I remember back in the late 1960’s when a typical Friday night involved waiting in front of a liquor store in North Chicago pleading with legal aged patrons to buy my friends and me beer. Back in those days it was usually Hamms, Old Style (which we called dog style), Stroh’s, Budweiser, and Blatz. Basically we purchased anything that was cheap. Michelob and Heiniken were only for special occasions. Freshman year at Grand Valley 1975 my roommate and I would sell plasma ($12 / Pint) which would buy enough beer for the entire weekend. Fell in love with Craft Beer while living in California hanging out at newer brew pubs such as “Tied House” in Mountain View and “Gordon Biersch” in San Jose.

How did you end up at SBC?: I’ve always been an avid craft beer enthusiast, and I just got lucky getting the opportunity to learn how to make beer with the founder of Saugatuck Brewing Company. After a few years of being an intern, this soon lead into a full time position with the Brew On Premises Operation.

When you started at SBC: May 2008

Favorite part of working for a brewery: I have somewhat of a unique position at Saugatuck Brewing Company being the Head Brewer of the Brew On Premises Operation. My favorite part of working at the brewery would have to be brewing beer and coming up with new recipes with our customers. Need I say, sampling and drinking the final product is also very fulfilling and requires very special attention.

Favorite activity: Some of my favorite activities include traveling and visiting foreign micro-breweries.

Favorite location ever visited: Every location where I was able to drink a fresh Saugatuck Brewing Company beer! The summit of Half Dome in Yosemite was pretty cool; however, I was reprimanded by a Forest Ranger for teeing up and hitting a golf ball into oblivion from the top.

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