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Lager of Love

Take pride in every pour with SBC’s Lager of Love.

Here at SBC we love love and we want to spread it around. That’s why we partnered with local leaders of the Saugatuck/Douglas community to create this delightful beer, “Lager of Love”.

The beer: An easy drinking light lager with a pleasant malt and hop balance, leading to a enjoyable drinking experience for any level of craft drinker.

The details for distribution: A portion of proceeds (from SBC to distributor) are donated to a local LGBTQ support organization. The donation is reflective to where the beer is sold, for example: Lager of Love will be on tap in the Kalamazoo area, so a portion of proceeds will be donated to Outfront Kalamazoo. However, if you’re drinking this beer in Philadelphia, a portion of proceeds will be donated to Philly First.

The details in the pub: A portion of proceeds of every pint of Lager of Love sold in the Pub or Barrel Room will be donated Out On the Lakeshore, a local LGBTQ + Support Organization based in Holland, MI.







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