Nestled on the edge of the Kalamazoo River, Saugatuck and Douglas has been a popular stop for people of all ages and interests. The two towns have a beautiful array of shops and galleries along with an astounding amount of bars and restaurants. There’s no shortage of activities in the area either, weather you like to sit on the beach or hike through the Dunes, there’s something for everyone to do here. We are proud of our community and we do everything we can to support it.

Community Impact


Sponsors since 2015 for exit 36 off I-96

Annual Saugatuck Trail / Beach Clean Up

Shore Acres Winter Disc Golf League

Home to and sponsor of

Mt Baldhead Challenge 15K/5K, Town Crier Half Marathon/10K/5K, Hair of the Dog 5K

sponsor of

Music in the Park

sponsor of

Plus many other donations, sponsorships and more.


SBC loves being as actively involved as possible in the communities where our beer is distributed! As we have grown, we are happy to be donating to an increasing number of worthy causes throughout the year and plan on continuing support of the events we feel most worthwhile. However, we are finding the process of these requests to be a tad overwhelming at times… so we have formulated a few simple policies.

  • Please submit all requests via email to and include all pertinent information. We cannot accept requests over the phone.
  • Requests must be made at least 60 days in advance.
  • Evidence of not-for-profit status must be provided.
  • A receipt for the donation must be issued from your organization after the event.
  • We do not sponsor any events with political or religious affiliations. We also do not sponsor car racing events.
  • As much as we would love to support our schools and organizations helping children, we respectfully decline involvement with these causes. As producers of an alcoholic beverage, we don’t feel it is appropriate.

By law, we are unable to donate beer or wine. It MUST always be purchased. The same rules apply to Brew On Premise packages, we cannot donate this service.