Employee Spotlight: Megan McLeod

Megan’s been serving your favorite SBC beers in the Pub for almost a decade. She’s one of our original employees and has grown with the company throughout the years. We’re proud of every role she’s had at SBC; from management, to serving, to beer bottle girl. Here’s a little info on our girl, Megan.

Megan McLeod – last name pronounce “Mc-Cloud.”

Tell us about your background in the serving/brewing industry.
I started as a server at O’Charley’s, then I started drinking craft beer right at 21 and it and the industry really intrigued me. Here I am at SBC for 9ish years now.

What brought you to SBC?
My crazy friends (Katie S & Sarah B) worked here and they always talked about how much they loved it; so I came and joined the fam. Plus, you know, beer.

What is your favorite thing about Michigan?
Good ole’ Michigan summers — beach, camping, kayaking, summer sipping. AKA – right now I am currently NOT looking forward to winter.

What’s your favorite beer & food pairing?
If I had to pick a beer it would be Bonfire Brown and the Big Dipper sandwich, but if we’re taking on my diet — Steak & Artichoke Salad with hard cider vinaigrette and a Lucky Stone Cider.

What is your favorite non-craft beer?
Labatt Blue aka “sport water.”

What’s your favorite band(s)?
Ohhhh…. Umphrey’s McGee & The Disco Biscuits. (depends on the moment)

What’s your favorite thing to do when you’re not at work?
Listen to music, go to shows, concerts, music festivals. Have fun.

What’s your go to Saugatuck beer for the winter?
I’ve been really into our new sour ale, Piquant Parrot. Mmmmmm.

Well now that you’ve gotten to know her a little better, be sure to stop by the pub and grab a pint to say hi to Megan!





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