We love Thanksgiving. Why? For starters, we love gathering together with all our friends and family to celebrate all the good things we have in life. On top of that, it’s a holiday that’s all about flavors. Here are some of our favorite flavors paired together:

We’ll start off with Green Bean Casserole. It’s a whole mess of flavors, everything from deep fried onions to earthy mushrooms. We recommend pairing this classic dish with something lighter and more mellow, like our Oval Beach Blonde. The subtle malt & hop flavors will compliment the intense flavors of the dish, instead of trying to compete with it.

Moving on to everyone’s favorite dish of Thanksgiving, the stuffing. This dish comes in all different varieties (and we all would fight to say that our Grandma makes it best), but regardless of which way you make it – we recommend a little hop presence in your pairing, and Paled It!, well, nails it. The hop flavor is big, without the bitter after taste, so you won’t be destroying your palate for the rest of the meal. The brite citrus fruits in Paled It! will contrast and bring out the variety of herbs in your stuffing.

Smoked meat, is there really anything more delightful than a juicy hunk of smoked meat? Yes, a perfectly paired beer. We like to pair smoked ham with our Oak Wizard. This is a classic complimenting pair that was born (or brewed) to be consumed in smoky, oaky, harmony.

For the star of the show: Traditional Turkey & Bonfire Brown. We would also recommend throwing some mashed potatoes into the mix here, on your plate, not in your beer. The intricate malt profile of Bonfire Brown will bring out all rich flavors of your turkey. Bonus if you top it all off with a bowl of Beer Gravy.

For your first dessert, we’re going to get a little dark. Slice off a big piece of Pumpkin Pie, top it with a giant glob of cool whip and then pour yourself a Darker Than Your Soul Stout. We recommend staying away from any sweet beers when pairing with a sweet dessert, that’s why this traditional dry stout perfectly rounds out this last course.

Last course, that is, unless you have a little room left and you want to drink your second dessert. Close off your Thanksgiving feast with a pint of our Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Pumpkin Chai. The base beer has a lighter body than many of the bourbon barrel aged beers you’ve had before, making it a good post-dinner beer. It’s lighter body doesn’t mean it isn’t packed with flavor though. Every sip of this beer will provide you with delicious pumpkin, chai and bourbon flavors.

What are your favorite Thanksgiving pairings? We would love to see what Saugatuck beers you’re throwing on the table this holiday season. Show us your pics by tagging us on social using #HeresToHappyHolidays. We would love to make your holidays even brighter this year!

Use our beer finder on our website to locate all our beers listed here throughout our distribution footprint, or find them at on tap and in bottles at the Pub & Barrel Room! (Please note – Darker Than Your Soul Stout is available exclusively in our Stout Pack Variety Pack)





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